I’m Kieran Alexis: writer, engineer, developer, creator.


Welcome to Simpatico.

At the moment, simpatico.crypto is a place to bring my web / dev operations under one roof.

I’ll be launching a new website and podcast soon, called ‘Cardano Foundry’.

Blockchain Certified!

I’m using WordPress.com to get a raft of useful and good looking content up, and also to get inspiration for future templates. Fully functional WP sites coming soon.

I’ll be writing about a wide variety of computer/crypto related topics

  • For business and strategy
  • For education and knowledge
  • For creativity and expression

Some of my aims and goals;

  • Writing about software, blockchain & computing with a wide remit
  • I aim to connect with future clients, developers, and readers
  • I intend to document my own journey into learning software and coding as well as infrastructure and development, and create helpful repositories of information as I go along.
  • I might write occasionally about my digital audio projects – Harmonic Resonance Project [Apple].
  • I’ll drop some occasional techno.